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Weld Cleaning Technology

Nitty-Gritty range of Stainless Steel Welding Cleaning & Polishing Machines

The smallest machine in the range is our SPOTCLINOX NRG for use where your Stainless Welding is less than 50 metres per day.

Our middle range machine is Model TIG Clinox ECO for stainless welding runs of around 150metres +

The largest capacity machine in our range is Model TIG Clinox PRO for very large continuous runs of stainless weld.

The photographs to the left show large brush machine with a built in "Fume Extraction System".

Through Feed Finger Tip control using a flexible Brush.

Where the amount of Stainless steel weld is in very small runs we suggest the use of
"Pick Plus Tapes & Wipes:

Pick plus Tape & Wipes (see display board on left)

This is for the manual cleaning of Stainless steel weld beads, the tape is placed by hand (using protective gloves) on the weld bead and left for around 15 minutes it is then removed and the treated surface wiped clean using Clinox Wipes.

Note: No further washing is required

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Please take a look at this Article on the Passivation and Protection of Stainless Steels Welds

We have a fully equipped demonstration van available for site visits.
For a demo call: 0141 840 4946
Repair Service Contracts
We normally offer a three-day turn around
on most makes of pneumatic tools.
All of our repairs carry a three month warranty.
Each tool repaired is tested by a Larson
Davis HMV100 Human Hand Arm Vibration Meter. Readings recorded.